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1- U.S GDP NAICS Code Abstracts:

A U.S GDP NAICS Code abstract is a document that displays information about an NAICS Code’s financial safety performance.
There are two U.S GDP NAICS Code abstracts available:
1- Public Abstract (Level I) is a one-page document available to the general public summarizing an NAICS Code’s record over a quarter period.
2- Abstract (Level II) is available only to the company or their authorized agent, and includes summary data over a two-year period, as well as detailed event data for a five-year period.


U.S GDP Charts has prepared this guide to assist and ensure that companies (commercial operators) operate safely financially, and are aware of the economy’s statistics that affects the financial demographics in the U.S now, today, yesterday and previous years historically. U.S GDP Charts  helps businesses with U.S GDP NAICS charts reports to help them with GDP numbers concerning their immediate NAICS Code.

The GDP NAICS charts reports contains several relevant NAICS GDP status, each dealing with a specific topic (for example, Abstract Level I, Abstract Level II and Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific reports).

These Reports Help Business Decision Makers To:

✓ Monitor the safety performance of their U.S GDP NAICS Code.

✓ Identify which GDP NAICS Code and demographics that are growing and thriving in the U.S today.

✓ Understand your NAICS Code position in USA.

✓ Know how to gather the required GDP NAICS Code information.

✓ Know when you need to spend or save based on GDP NAICS Code information.

✓ Know the financial markets reactions associated with your GDP NAICS Code.

✓ Develop an understanding of how the business environment evolves around your U.S GDP NAICS Code.

✓ Develop an understanding of your U.S GDP NAICS Code abstract.

✓ Develop an understanding of your U.S GDP NAICS Code interventions Safety Rating system

(Satisfactory Safety Rating)* (Conditional Safety Rating)* (Satisfactory-Unaudited Safety Rating)* (Safety Ratings For New NAICS Code)*.

A- Satisfactory Safety Rating

An NAICS Code would normally be eligible for a GDP Satisfactory Safety Rating if it meets all of the following conditions:

  • The NAICS Code has at least six months of demonstrated operations in GDP performance and currently holds a valid GDP position,
  • The NAICS Code maintains an on-GDP performance level of 70% or less of its overall GDP threshold, and
  • The NAICS Code has been audited and received a passing score.

B- Conditional Safety Rating

An NAICS Code may be considered for a Conditional Safety Rating if any of the following circumstances occur:

  • If the NAICS Code’s on-GDP performance level exceeds 70% of its overall GDP threshold.
  • If the NAICS Code fails the GDP audit.

C- Satisfactory-Unaudited Safety Rating

An NAICS Code that has not been audited would normally receive a Satisfactory-Unaudited Safety Rating provided it maintains an overall performance level of 70% or less of its overall GDP threshold.

D- Safety Ratings for New NAICS Code

When a new NAICS Code is issued, a satisfactory-unaudited rating is usually proposed. The new NAICS Code is unrated for the first 40 days of operation while the rating is proposed and until the rating comes into effect. Most new NAICS Codes will remain satisfactory-unaudited for the first six months of GDP operation. However, if a new NAICS Code accumulates time on GDP and fails an audit, the rating may drop to conditional or unsatisfactory.

Note: To be upgraded from a Conditional rating to a higher rating (i.e. Satisfactory or Satisfactory Unaudited), the NAICS Code must maintain an on-GDP performance level of 60% or less of its overall GDP threshold.

All Conditional ratings are in effect for a minimum of six months, except when an NAICS Code rating is proposed for a rating downgrade from Conditional to Unsatisfactory. When such a rating downgrade is proposed, there are no minimum time requirements. During the six-month conditional period, the NAICS Code (Owner/s) is expected to identify and improve the components of its safety performance which resulted in the assignment of the Conditional rating.

An NAICS Code may be assigned a Conditional rating as the result of a failed audit. In this case, the NAICS Code cannot improve its rating until six months after the date of the Conditional rating assignment. The NAICS Code must pass a second audit in order to receive a new rating.

2- U.S GDP Charts Company Labels/Stickers And Awards:

1- U.S GDP Charts Company Labels

U.S GDP Charts wants your products/services to succeed. Your product/services and website label carries your most precious asset – your brand. You can chose which label suits you best and let us know so we can help you with it.  There is no exclusively use  of any of these labels, they are all available to the public.

2- U.S GDP Charts Business Awards:

Business Awards give prestige and recognition from your peers and within your industry. opening up valuable PR and media opportunities in the short and longer term. credibility and social proof that gives your business an edge. a validation of your business idea or methodology.

The benefits of U.S GDP Charts business awards:

  • Brand awareness 
  • Positioning
  • Employee motivation
  • Increased creditability
  • Strategic alignment and direction
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Networking
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing
  • Billboard Adds
  • Recruitment (Attract talent)
  • Employee morale and retention
  • Product and/or service quality

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